Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to answer all of your common questions about cannabis, feminized seeds and auto-flowering cannabis seeds. If we’re unable to answer your question here, then don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Our cannabis seeds are not suitable for human consumption, in accordance with the United States New Zealand Food Standards Code. The cultivation of cannabis seeds or growing marijuana is illegal in the majority of United States and territories. Cannabis seeds can be purchased by buyers that are aware they’re only for external use or for export to a country where cannabis seeds are legal. Current legislation allows the use of cannabis seeds to make oil, natural remedies and body care products.

We sell a variety of seeds, including feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds and regular cannabis seeds. Our regular cannabis seeds contain a mixture of male and female genetics, whereas our feminized marijuana seeds are designed to only produce female plants. Please, make sure you check the product descriptions to ensure that you’re purchasing the right seeds for you.

You can buy cannabis seeds directly from us and purchasing marijuana seeds from our website couldn’t be easier. After selecting the type of seeds that you’d like to buy, you’ll be presented with the varying types of seeds that we offer. After selecting the seed that you think suits you best, read the description below the image for more information and click on “buy now” if you’d like to purchase.

After viewing your basket, you’ll be given the option to continue shopping, if you’d like to purchase more seeds. If you’d like to check out and pay for your item, simply click on the checkout button to be redirected to the checkout page. Please read our terms of use and accept if you agree.

Please enter your email address and delivery address to help us determine your shipping costs. You’ll be given the option of free postage or express postage for your delivery. Finally, after selecting a payment method and entering your payment details, you can review your order and submit it to us.

Each of our packs contains 10 seeds. Prior to being packed, we carefully examine each seed to ensure it’s of the highest quality. We don’t sell damaged seeds to our customers and we store all of our seeds under the appropriate conditions, to ensure they’re healthy and ready to use.

We accept most major credit and debit cards, bank transfers, Bitcoin and cash. If you’d like to remain anonymous when making your payment for cannabis seeds, we recommend using either a bank transfer or Bitcoin. When making a bank transfer, please use your order number as the reference for the transfer.

We package our items in LDPE resealable snap lock bags. The bags ensure that your seeds will arrive fresh and undamaged. To be compliant with Australian Forestry Standards, the snap lock bags are then placed in a seed pocket envelope and finally secured in a padded envelope to ensure they aren’t damaged in transit. We ship your orders via Australian post in discrete plain packaging and you’ll receive a tracking number once your item has been dispatched. Delivery times vary between 2-5 days, depending on your location in Australia.