Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light Review (250W – 1400W)

buy ivermectin ivermectin These days, there are countless LED grow light brands in the market. Some of them are good, but some of them come at a price. You may be wondering if you can get the best LED grow light at an affordable price, and we’re here to help you! The Advanced Platinum series has created quite a stir in the grow light market. Top of the line material combines with an efficient design, and is delivered at a price point such that the Advanced Platinum Series, won’t take long to become an instant hit.

Batu Gajah In this exclusive post, we are presenting a detailed Novoul’yanovsk Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light Review. This includes the pros and cons, features, and different LED grow light models.

Do these grow lights deliver on their claims? Let’s find out!

The Advanced Platinum Series of LED grow lights is available in six separate product versions. Named according to their watt consumption, they are the P150, P300, P450, P600, P900, and the P1200.

Below is a specification table to help you understand them better.

While optimal readings are provided, the real-life scenario might be a little different. Here are the highlights of the Advanced Platinum Series:

  • Higher PAR/Lumen Output per Watt than any other grow light.
  • Superior 12 band spectrum coverage.
  • Switch between Veg and Flower state spectrum.
  • Upgraded aluminum cooled heat sinks.
  • Compact design suitable as an HPS replacement.
  • Complete 5 year warranty with 90 day return policy.

Designed to sufficiently replace HPS grow lights and using significantly less power, the Advanced Platinum Series offers most of the industry standards and more. Let’s bring on the evaluation!

Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light Review- Features and Specifications


Advanced Platinum Series LED Grow Light Review

1. High PAR/lumen Output

With individual 3 watt LED bulbs clustered to obtain different net wattages, the Advanced Platinum Series claims to have a better lumen output than any other LED grow light available in the market.

While that does not necessarily mean that they’re the brightest, (read up on 5-watt diodes) they do offer quite a large output compared to similar products.

As per the official specifications provided by the Advanced Platinum series, single PAR values are provided for each product at various distances from the canopy. These values indicate the power of the LED grow light at its center. How much light the remaining coverage area receives is anyone’s guess.

Platinum LED should have provided accurate charts showing the PAR values across its entire coverage area so customers can truly appreciate their product.

2. Superior 12 Band Spectrum

The Advanced Platinum series of LED grow lights use a combination of different types of LED to create a full and optimal spectrum of light. They utilize 12 different colors to create a range which begins from the ultraviolet and extends up to the infrared end of the spectrum.

The Platinum series has tuned its spectrum for maximum photosynthetic response. Compared to HPS and other LED grow light alternatives, it does check all the right boxes a grower might have on their list.

3. Switch Between States

One of the biggest advantages the Advanced Platinum Series has over its competitors is the provision for separate growth spectrum for Vegetation state and the Flowering stage of the plant.

This benefits the product in a multitude of ways, such as reducing the power used and encouraging specific plant growth for optimum yield while maintaining the light output of the Platinum LED.

The addition of this feature is a welcome move by Platinum LED and will surely woo the ever-increasing number of consumers who like to customize their grow lights for each stage of the process.

4. Upgraded Heat Sinks

The Advanced Platinum Series of LED grow lights are now equipped with upgraded aluminum cooling heat sinks. The fans are whisper-quiet and won’t intrude on your daily activities.

LED grow lights emit significantly less heat than HPS or other counterparts. With the modifications in place, the heat footprint of the the Advanced Platinum Series of LED lights is minimal.

5. Compact Design & Ease of Use

The manufacturers of the Advanced Platinum series didn’t skimp on the materials and this shows. Incredibly easy to operate with self detecting voltage automation, the Platinum series will sure keep consumers happy.

6. 5 year Warranty & a 90-day Return Policy

With its lower price, manufacturers knew consumers might be reluctant to try the product. By providing a five-year warranty and a three-month return policy, the Advanced Platinum series manufacturers exude strong confidence in their product.

Advertised primarily as an HPS replacement, the Platinum series of LED grow lights easily accomplishes that and then some. Here are a few of the additional features you’ll find in the Advanced Platinum Series of LED grow lights.

7. Top-bin Diodes

Sourcing top-bin diodes from quality manufacturers such as Bridgelux and CREE, the Advanced Platinum LED grow lights come with diodes rated for more than 100,000 hours. Competitors usually provide for half that duration. Each diode is also Zener-protected to protect the product from line surges.

The diodes also come with a 90 degree lens which helps direct all the emitted light on to the canopy, thus ensuring minimal light loss and maximum efficiency.

8. Add-ons & Packaging

The Advanced Platinum series comes with bundled, easy-to-use hangers, and an international power cord.

Delivered in an efficient package ensuring no damage to the goods, the Platinum LED grow light series is one of the best available in the market.

9. Price Point

The standout feature of the Advanced Platinum Series is its price point. Offering most of the features available in other top quality LED grow light bulbs for a significantly lesser price, the Platinum series grow lights are among those with the most value for money.

The Advanced Platinum series of grow lights like any other product comes with its own list of pros and cons. Let’s evaluate these criteria and conclude if the product is worth the buy!

  • Top quality high end 3 Watt diodes.
  • Premium build quality with Zener protection and 90 degree lens to direct light.
  • Higher PAR and Lumen Output per watt than any other LED grow light.
  • Separate spectrum for vegetation state and flowering state of the plant offering customizing options for experienced growers.
  • Hand picked diodes sourced from different companies as per their characteristic strengths.
  • Well rated (100,000+ hours) LED grow light, capable of performing for up to 10 years.
  • 12 band spectrum optimized for maximum photosynthetic response.
  • Serves its purpose as an HPS replacement adequately.
  • 5 year warranty and 90 days no satisfaction refund guarantee.
  • Some growers prefer the 5 watt diodes over the 3 watt counterparts as they feel that the 3 watt diodes lack the necessary punch for an effective canopy penetration.
  • Coverage area is smaller compared to other higher priced LED grow lights.
  • PAR values provided my the manufacturer is only take at it’s center. The rest of the coverage area and its fringes has no data to evaluate.

The Advanced Platinum Series with its range of high-quality products namely the P150, P300, P450, P600, P900 and P1200 aims to provide an adequate grow light replacement for the HPS and other prevailing grow lights in the market.

Tantalizing consumers with significantly low power usage and a high light output, the Platinum series has garnered rave reviews from the grower community.

The product is well built and comes with a long-duration warranty which will make you trust the brand further. For the price point, it doesn’t really get any better. A perfect product is a myth, yet the Advanced Platinum series surely does come close.

If you’re using any other system of grow lights and the power consumption is burning a hole in your pocket, you may want to switch to an LED alternative. With the Advanced Platinum series line up of products, you can opt for the perfect wattage to suit your needs at a relatively cheap price.

We hope this extensive review brings you closer to a decision that will improve your grow room conditions and marijuana yield.

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